Monday, March 6, 2017

Virginia Women of Merit

Virginians of merit have been honored with a statue at Capitol Square in Richmond since 1858. In that year, an equestrian statue of George Washington, native son and first president of the nation, was unveiled. Other prominent Virginians honored include a doctor, a general, and a poet.

Since it's Women's History Month, do you know how many women are honored with a statue in Capitol Square? Well...there are women represented on the Civil Rights Monument. That's about it. But change is in the air.

Voices from the Garden, the Virginia Women's Monument, will have 12 statues cast in bronze of women representing over 400 years of Virginia history. These women were selected to represent various spheres of interest and geographic areas of the state.
The monument will have a glass panel on one side that is etched with the names of other noteworthy Virginia women.  A  bench, listing milestones in Virginia women’s history, will make up the other side.

Visit the Virginia Women’s Monument Commission to learn which two women from Southwest Virginia are honored with a statue. Nominations are being accepted for names of noteworthy Virginia women who's names will be etched in the glass wall. Who will you nominate?

You can also visit to the Virginia Capitol website to see pictures of the many statues and monuments in the square and even in the Capitol itself.

The monument is being paid for by private donations, so the Virginia Women's Monument Commission is happy to accept donations, too!

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