Thursday, June 9, 2016


As the parent of any preschooler knows, kids are always learning. They watch you and model the behaviors they see and hear. That's why we learn to eliminate certain words from our vocabulary--so we won't hear them come out of the mouth of a toddler!

The same is true for older kids, teens, and adults. So this summer, help your kids keep learning.

Come to the library!

This summer, RCPL has plans to keep kids, teens, and adults healthy and active. The summer reading program theme is Read for the Win so we are stressing healthy activities--any activity that gets you moving! We'll have a few healthy eating programs, and programs to introduce you to activities you may have heard about and not tried, like yoga and zumba.

For all ages, there will be bingo-like sheets available with ideas on keeping your mind and body active this summer. 

Keep moving, learning, and having fun this summer. We'll help!