Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Libraries Transform

It’s National Library Week and the theme this year is Libraries Transform. And libraries do transform lives and people in so many ways.

If you aren’t a library user-–wait… 

You are reading this and you aren’t a library user? Really? Well, clearly you need to remedy that and come visit! Get up now and just do it! If the library isn’t open, explore our website (

How do libraries transform? Children explore the things they love at libraries, things like dinosaurs and Junie B. Jones. They design and build things (Legos), perform simple science experiments, and create art in many media. The silent one is now comfortable talking about a personal creation; the chatter-box goes suddenly quiet in concentration.

For teens, the library can be the third place…it’s neutral territory where they can just be. They read, create, and organize programs for themselves.

Adults use the library to apply for a job and create a resume. They may also find a recipe or a set of plans for a new creation. They may also be taking an online test for a college course. They may just be checking their email, Facebook, and the news.

Music, movie, magazine, or book…all are available for borrowing. Look online for a calendar of library events or pick up a printed copy at the front desk in either branch library.

Spend time in your library. Your view of a library may just be what's transformed.