Friday, May 31, 2019

Summer Fun at Your Library!

Russell County Public Library has planned a fun, educational summer for all ages.

Come and see performers who educate and entertain:
  • Visit Star Lab and learn about the stars.
  • Be amazed by the magic of Matt Fore.
  • Learn all about the animals Darin Handy, a wildlife educator and rehabber, brings to show everyone from All Are God's Creatures Sanctuary.
  • Don’t miss ScienceTellers' The Aliens: Pursued by a crazy space scientist, two curious kids must risk everything to rescue the aliens and get them back to their spaceship — before it's too late!
  • Enjoy old mountain stories with Old Jonah.
When children come to the library this summer, they will have the opportunity to join in with planned activities for their age group.

Teens! We want you to continue to enjoy your library. We'll provide the supplies and snacks. You bring a friend.

Adults! Learning isn't just for children. Experience your library and continue a pattern of lifelong learning.

We want everyone to contribute to the success of children. By modeling a lifelong desire to learn, teens and adults can encourage children to have an enthusiastic attitude towards reading and gaining knowledge and critical thinking skills.

So, on those hot summer days, come to the library to experience a cool, fun-filled activity that you can share with your friends.

Check out the RCPL website for program dates and times or stop by the library for a calendar of fun summer activities.

Contributed by Jamie Rexrode

Monday, May 13, 2019

Success and Summer Reading

Photo by Wendee on Reshot
When my children were in school, I was guilty of thinking, “My children have worked so hard over this school year, they need a break.” We planned outings for the summer, played outside, went to the pool, and had a lot of fun. Those were all good things which brought our family together through shared experiences and there was probably some learning along the way. But our focus was fun.

Looking back on our idyllic summers, I have a twinge of regret. You see, learning is something successful people do year round. I could have used those summers to encourage reading about the experiences we were having, learning new and interesting things, and exploring fun fiction that my children might not be exposed to throughout the school year.

Summer reading keeps our children from forgetting the information they learned during their school year. Literacy expert Julie Wood says, “It is necessary for children to read on a daily basis in order to maintain literacy skills learned in the previous school year.” Summer reading helps them to grow in knowledge and learn critical thinking skills for the coming year. Daily reading keeps our brain in shape.

 A University of Tennessee, Knoxville, research study shows that “children who don't read over the summer lose at least two months of reading development. This is often referred to as 'the summer slide' or the 'summer learning loss.' On the other hand, students who do read over the summer may gain a month of proficiency in reading. Reading over the summer is not a suggestion to keep kids busy; it's a critical requirement to help students stay on track for their entire educational career and beyond.”

We all want to contribute to the success of our children. Summer reading is one way you as a parent can encourage an enthusiastic attitude toward reading, encourage your children to grow in knowledge and learn critical thinking skills for the coming year.

Contributed by Jamie Rexrode