Monday, November 10, 2014

National Young Readers Week...Celebrate!

National Young Readers Week is an opportunity for parents, teachers and others to encourage and celebrate reading with young children. Schools may fire up their youth by accepting the Principal Challenge; the principal reads from the first bell to the last bell--all day! Parents can take the pledge to read to their children, because parents are the first teachers.

In fact, it is the 30th year that National Young Readers Week has been celebrated. Begun by Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, the "Book It" program has been a reading incentive program for more than a generation!

Check out this link for parents: National Young Readers Week. There are lots of resources for parents, like read aloud tips, printables and the Parent Pledge.During the week, there are stories that children can listen to online.

Celebrate by reading with a child. Read in a silly place or standing on your head. Make a point of reading to your child and make a point letting your child see you read. Read the recipe aloud. Read the instructions aloud. Children will mimic you. If they see you reading, they will know reading is a thing that adults do; they will understand that it's an important skill.

And don't stop celebrating when the week is over. Make every week one in which you celebrate reading.