Monday, October 19, 2015

Have You Got the Music in You?

Free downloadable music now available from your local public library. Freegal is the name of the service and you are allowed to download 3 songs per week and to stream 3 hours of music per day.

Start by downloading their app and go from there. You can stream or download the music. (It is easier than downloading books; downloading music has a longer history and they have ironed out many of the complications.)

What kind of music can you download? Well, every genre of music is there and it is international. So you can listen to Christian choirs from Asia and bluegrass from Eastern Europe. (Bluegrass is very popular in parts of Europe!) You can search for a song, album, or artist. You can browse by genre, or listen to one of their pre-selected Freegal playlists, like the '80s or top Grammy winners.  Want the newest stuff? It's there. And some of that new stuff can have language and themes inappropriate for children. It's clearly marked Explicit. Want old stuff? Barry Manilow or Earth, Wind & Fire? Elvis? Really old, like Mozart?!

We know, three songs a week is not much, but did you notice we said it was free? Well, it's not free, but it is at no cost to you, the library patron. There are even music videos, although they need to be downloaded.  

As more and more people are using a device to read and listen, we are trying to keep up and provide you with options to download music and books.The music is yours to keep. They even suggest you download to a computer and then move it to your phone or tablet. That way your songs are still on the computer as a backup.

Do you have the music in you?