Thursday, August 13, 2015

Blogs You Might Enjoy Reading

We thought you might like to know about other interesting library blogs. Take a look at what we found that we thought you might enjoy reading.

The New York Public Library had a recent blog that will interest Virginians. The blog entry is entitled Traveling the Roads of Early America with Jefferson and is based on Thomas Jefferson's own records in his account book, where he recorded how far he traveled, what sort of terrain he crossed, the flora and fauna, and more. This blog is second in an installment about Jefferson's life and world through entries in his manuscript account book, which the library recently digitized.

The Library of Congress has numerous blogs, highlighting their various collections, from music, to photos, to history, to topics like the Civil War. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we'll suggest you look at a recent Picture This blog entry entitled Remembering Hiroshima in Photographs  from the the Library of Congress Prints and Photos Division.

For you history and genealogy buffs, here's a nice blog with lots of references and help if you research family history. The Genealogy Blog of Mid-Continent Public Library (the library is in Missouri) references their library's collection, but the information and recommendations are sound for any researcher.

Finally, last but not least, our own Library of Virginia has several blogs highlighting their collections which can be found at Virginia Memory Blogs. The blogs include millions of pages from the newspaper project, the prints and photographs collection, and the archive, which includes images, documents and stories from the library collections, such as the photo above of the Russell County courthouse.