Friday, February 27, 2009


The Russell County Public Library reminds the community that the library maintains a books-by-mail program. This is a program available to all county residents who are homebound and physically unable to visit the library. Patrons of the service may request up to four books at any time. The library will mail the books and pay for all postage costs, including a pre-paid return envelope. Patrons may request specific titles or favorite genres of books. They may also make recommendations for titles or specific areas of interest. Anyone interested may call the library at 889-8044.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Read more books...without turning a page

It may NOT be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but if you like to read and don't have time, downloadable books may be just the thing. Downloadable books are audio books that you download to your mp3 player. So you have that nice voice reading the books to you.

Remember how much you enjoyed it as a kid when someone would read to you? And it no longer means having "Sam I am" or the Berenstein Bears read to you. It's classics, mysteries, thrillers...the list goes on. So click and see.

On the website you can browse book titles, and get clues about which player is compatible with the service. (Yes, you ipod users will find an increasing number of titles available to dowload.)

No renewals. No more overdue books. No more overdue fines! The book just becomes inaccessible on your player at the end of the two week check-out period. If you didn't finish the book, don't delete it. Just check it out again; when you begin to download again, the Overdrive service just changes the 'due date' on the book and makes it accessible again. All from the comfort of your home.

Several public library systems in southwest Virginia have joined forces to provide this great service. This great new service is brought to you by your local public library and powered by Overdrive, a leader in digital media services.

Multi-task all you want...just make sure that reading a book is on that list of tasks. Now you can walk, clean house or mow the grass...while listening to a good book.