Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Library Card Envy

How important is your library card?

Timothy Maloney is a big proponent of books and libraries; he visits his local libraries in Kentucky several times a week. He loves his library and considers libraries so valuable, that he has begun collecting library cards. He has cards from over 1300 libraries in over 45 states (and the District of Coumbia and the Ak-Chin Indian Community--plus more than a dozen foreign countries!) And he has a card from the Library of Congress.

Originally, Tim desired to visit each library but health and finances made that impossible. So he visits his local libraries and shares his collection of cards from other libraries. He says that this is just his way of showing his deep respect and appreciation for libraries.

So when Timothy asked Russell County Public Library (VA) for a card, even an inactive one, we said yes. Above you can see the picture of his collection displayed in the Walton Branch of the Boone County Public Library (KY)

Tim's email address is libraries_r_cool. We think so, too.