Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Thoughts

The holidays are rushing past. If you want a quiet moment, you might find it at your local library. Stop by; sit and gaze at our tree. (We will leave our trees up until January 4th.) We can't promise quiet; the libraries are often bustling places. But you can lay aside all other thoughts and gaze at the lights for a few moments.

While you are here, pick up a book or DVD or CD to take home. If there are youth in your circle, take home something in print for them. Increasingly, studies are showing that our brains treat reading on a screen very differently than reading on a printed page. We retain more that we read on a printed page. And a little reading--and talking about it--will keep the young and mature minds alert during the break from school!

Better yet, spend some family time just gazing at the lights and decorations. Consider your blessings, be they many or few.

The Library Staff and Board of Trustees send all the best to you throughout the holidays and in the new year.

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