Tuesday, April 15, 2014

National Library Week

Lives change @ your library is the theme of National Library Week, this year April 13th-19th. Has the library helped you change your life?

Did you check out a book on gardening or diet? Did you watch a movie or listen to music you borrowed from the library--something that moved you to tears?

Did you use the library when you were a child, or bring your own children?

Maybe you used Internet access to apply for a job...or your retirement!?

Share your library experience with us. And share it with others. Bring a friend to the library!

We have no big events planned for National Library Week this year. Our budget is still under consideration by the county supervisors; what amount they allocate the library will determine whether staff and hours are cut, or eliminated completely. So this year for National Library Week, the Friends of the Library are helping us highlight the Declaration for the Right to Libraries...because libraries change lives. You can sign an online petition, or you can stop by a library and sign in ink. The Friends of the Library are making the petitions available, as well as postcards they will deliver to the supervisors.

Celebrate National Library Week by stopping by your local library. Celebrate by making a positive change in your life; the library will help. You can find out more at www.ilovelibraries.org

Sign the petition or call your elected representative to let him or her know that you believe you have the right to a library. Tell how you NEED and USE your library. Remind him or her:
                  Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared
                   to that of an ignorant nation.
-- Broadcaster Walter Cronkite

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