Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Citizens Say Honaker Library Counts!

Effective November 1, 2013, Honaker Community Library will open for nearly 25 hours per week. This change is due to additional money allocated to the libraries. Why? Because Russell County citizens called their supervisors and attended public meetings and were willing to get up and speak.

Citizens who believe in the value of their library stepped up to the plate (hey, it's World Series time!) In the coming months, the county and all its agencies and offices will begin preparing budgets for the coming fiscal year that begins July 2014. So it's not too late, or too early, to be heard. The library staff routinely attend these public meetings. But the word of a citizen carries more weight than the word of an employee.

Make a decision to participate in our democracy by attending a meeting or contacting your elected officials and telling them what YOU think is important. They can only represent you if you tell them where you stand.

And remember to exercise your right and privilege as a citizen and VOTE next week.

Honaker Community Library

Saturday      Closed
Sunday         2-5 pm
Monday       12-7 pm
Tuesday       12-5:30 pm
Wednesday 12-5:30 pm
Thursday     Closed
Friday           2-5:30 pm


Unknown said...

Lebanon Library Branch counts more!

Very upset with the fact that $10,000 of grant money that was given to help out with the part-time workers was fully given to just the Honaker Library branch. There are more patrons that frequent the Lebanon Library Branch of the Russell County Public Library system than the Honaker branch. The direction of the Russell County Public Library system is surely going down the wrong road. Was this decision purely based because of favoritism?
If the Russell County Public Library system is given any more grant money will it all go to Honaker? Maybe it is time for a change in the Library system.

Rusco said...

Please reread the post.
Honaker Library lost more than half the hours they were open. Patrons that used the Honaker branch spoke out.
Lebanon Library only lost 20% of their opening hours. No one spoke for Lebanon (except me, library director.)
My point is that CITIZENS need to say that "Lebanon Counts." It's certainly true that the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Thank you for reading the blog--and for commenting.
Kelly McBride Delph, Library Director

Unknown said...

First of all let me say I am very thankful for the Russell County Public Library system and especially the Lebanon Library branch. How can the Lebanon branch stay open if any grant money is all given to Honaker?
Also you say that nobody spoke for the Lebanon Library but you. What about the petition that was signed that represented the people of Lebanon? That speaks for itself so you honestly can't say that no one spoke for Lebanon. You still have not answered the question why did Honaker get all of the $10,000 grant money when there are not that many people that patronize that branch of the Russell County Library System? Hopefully if some grant money is given to the Russell County Library in the future the Lebanon branch will get some of it. Thank you.