Monday, February 4, 2013

Literati - New Help on the Web

Literati is a new service provided by the Library of Virginia to all Virginia public libraries. What do I like about Literati? Let's see...
  • Homework Help (in reading, math and writing) certain hours of the day
  • Beginning Genealogy slide shows
  • Applying for Unemployment slide shows
  • Mind Mapping
Literati is a great source for reliable information without having to resort to Google. [Google is great, but the information you want isn't always in the first few hits of the 12,342 websites Google finds for you.] Search Literati and you can find encyclopedias, news articles, books and illustrations. It's a great source for families; you can learn about the Winter Reading Program.

Be sure and play with the Mind Mapping feature and explanation! I love that. It's very appealing and HELPFUL if you don't think in a straight line.

Plus, you can create your own 'account' and keep the citations and links you've found.

You can search from the library's homepage, or jump from our page to our Literati home.
Give it a try!

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