Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Budget Cuts, Library Hours Cut

The budget cuts made by the Russell County Board of Supervisors do impact the budget of the Russell County Library. Patrons will notice hours being reduced slightly effective August 1, 2012; the new hours are below.

The Library Board of Trustees examined many options when making the reductions. They decided to distribute the cuts across the budget so that no budget line had a zero in it. Part time employees will be working fewer hours; full time employees will take a small cut in salary.

The good news is that state funding is stable so that our budget for books and magazines and other library materials has stayed the same. (You may thank your state legislator for that!)

Why did we select these hours? We looked at the usage patterns and staffing patterns. Early morning is typically our quietest time. We hope our morning 'regulars' don't take it personally and that we don't inconvenience folks that stop on their way to work. We continue to stay open certain weekend and evening hours because the rules governing state aid require it. Tracking the number of people who use the library per hour finds that Sunday afternoon can hold its own against other days. And in a world where work schedules are distributed 24/7, we continue to try and serve all the citizens.

Lebanon Library
Monday        9 am - 7 pm
Tuesday       9 am - 7 pm
Wednesday  10 am - 5:30 pm
Thursday      9 am - 8 pm
Friday          10 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday      10 am - 2 pm
Sunday         2 pm - 5 pm

Honaker Community Library
Monday         3 pm - 7 pm
Tuesday        3 pm - 7 pm
Wednesday   3 pm - 7 pm
Thursday       9 am - 1 pm
Friday           Noon - 5:30 pm
Saturday        CLOSED
Sunday          2 pm - 5 pm

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