Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celebrate Old Glory ... with a Basket and a Story!

Lebanon Library Friends

Silent Auction of
Book-Themed Gift Baskets

Again this year the Lebanon Friends are having their annual raiser at the Independence Day Celebration in Lebanon. Each themed basket contains a book and other gift items on the theme; the silent auction of the baskets begins in late June and is finished on July 4th about 3 pm when bids are closed.

Baskets are on display now at the library and more are arriving every day! They will be on display at the Friends booth at the July 4th afternoon festivities and you can place your bid and make sure that no one has outbid you!

All baskets are donated by individuals, businesses and organizations so the Friends put the money made into children's programs at the Lebanon Library. The baskets make great gifts and support a wonderful cause.

Stop by the Lebanon Library and look at all the baskets.

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