Wednesday, November 3, 2010

National Non-Fiction Day

Heads Up everyone! November 4th is National Non-Fiction Day. The celebration was "initiated by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups in partnership with Scholastic Children’s Books. It aims to celebrate all that is brilliant about non fiction and show that it’s not just fiction that can be read and enjoyed for pleasure.

You might argue that it's just a marketing ploy. But, hey, WE aren't selling anything. Though we do want to market the library to YOU.

Non-fiction can be fascinating as well as educational. It's just a matter of finding something that really interests you, whether it's interior decorating, engine tuning, or Civil War history. Stop by and pick up a title from our display of best-selling non-fiction. From "freakonomics" to political pundits, from biographies to Yankees, we are bound to have something to interest you.

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