Friday, April 30, 2010

Share the Memories and Save our History

Your memories ARE part of our history. The stories you've heard family tell, maybe about an old one-room or two-room schoolhouse that they attended? Please share those stories with the Russell County Public Library. This year the library is collecting history as part of the celebration of the Library’s 50th anniversary. (Your photographs are also welcome.) Later this year a library program will share the collected stories, history and photographs.

Church minutes, lists of school principals or preachers, sad or just plain funny stories are all welcome and may be added to the local history collection. Photos related to stories or photos of people and places in Russell County may also be added to the collection. Your stories and photos are wanted by the library because these stories make up our history--black history, women’s history, everyone’s history of Russell County. It’s been nearly half a century since a comprehensive book was written on Russell County and more than 20 years since the last Heritage book was published.

So if you still remember that story you heard in childhood that was told and retold around the counter of the country store, write it down and send it in. Set loose the Russell County history that’s trapped in your memory!

Send your stories and photos, memories and history to the attention of Jennifer Bundy at the Russell County Public Library (

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