Friday, May 1, 2009

Basic Computer Skills Course @ RCPL - Lebanon

During the earlier part of this year, a series of computer courses were offered at the Lebanon library. Though we had a decent turn-out, it came to my attention that most of the individuals attending were not actually learning what they really needed to know about computers. With companies cutting jobs and the economy standing on its last leg, people are being expected to learn or utilize skills that they're not extremely experienced with - one being general computer use. After conducting a small computer skills survey, I've concluded that there's a large group of individuals in the Russell County area who don't know much, if anything, about how to correctly and efficiently use a computer.

I've scheduled a beginner's general computer skills course for May 16, 2009 from 11-2pm. No pre-registration is required for this course, so if you're interested in gaining some new insight into the world of computers, please stop by. I will be giving a small lesson starting at 11:00 and then the rest of the time will be set aside for practicing and one-on-one tutorials for those needing to understand a specific skill or computer-related task.

As always, if you should need help in learning a specific computer skill, such as opening a program or creating an email address, please don't hesitate to ask one of our staff for assistance.

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