Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Newest Local History Additions

These are the items added to our local history collection during July.

Info Files:
Maps file: Added a 2008 map of Russell Co.
Maps file: Added The Historical Atlas of Colonial America from Prehistoric Times to 1823.
Cemeteries file: Added a list of the graves in the North Church Street Cemetery.
Obituaries file: An addition was made
Dickenson Bundy Log House file: Added two brochures with the history of the structure including drawings and photos, as well as info on the old courthouse.

Family Files:

An addition was made to the Smith family file.
An addition was made to the Lockhart family file, about the William Lockhart family.
An addition was made to the Porter family file, with the descendants of Samuel Porter & Elizabeth Dunkin.


Old Homes and Gardens by Minnie L. Baugh (Abingdon homes)
Kinfolks: Falling off the Family Tree: the Search for my Melungeon Ancestors by Lisa Alther
Marriage Record of Washington County Tennessee 1787-1840 compiled by Norma Rutledge Grammar and Marion Day Mullins
American Marriage Records before 1699 edited and compiled by William Montgomery Clemens Washington County Virginia Surveyor’s Record 1781-1797 by Rhonda Robertson.
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